To walk without pain

A cheerful Lendi Botha without any pain after her hip replacement

“This is to say deeply thank you for the enormous contributions for my hip replacement,” says Lendi Botha of Uilenkraalsmond.

“Due to the operation I am still utilising crutches for a couple of weeks, but to walk without pain for the first time in two years is almost an unbelievable experience for me.” Lendi’s problems started in 2011 and in 2012 she was told that the only solution will be a hip replacement at an estimated cost of R35,000. An Article was published in the Gansbaai Courant (28 November 2013), asking for help with the necessary funds. “In order to be operated, the total amount had to be paid in not later than 13th of December 2013, only one day prior to that the full amount was raised,” says Lendi. Dr Brendon Dower successfully operated on the 18th of December 2013 in the Vincent Pallotti Orthopedic Hospital in Cape Town.

“It is with gratitude that I thank Gansbaai Courant for publishing the previous article and to thank the four anonymous donors who generously donated large amounts, as well as all other anonymous donors who contributed. All donations, big and small, made my operation possible and I am so deeply grateful,” says Lendi. “Words can not describe my deepest feelings in this regard!”

Hardus Botha