Profile: Norman Fisher

Profile: Norman Fisher

Gansbaai Courant

Norman Eric Fisher (86), known as Norman, was born on 14th March 1928 in Cape Town and has two brothers and two sisters. During 1938, at the age of 10, his parents moved to Zimbabwe, in those days known as Rhodesia, were his father was an electrician. Norman returned to South Africa where he studied at the University of Cape Town in 1946. He obtained his degree in Electrical Engineering in 1950. After his studies he then returned to Rhodesia where he was appointed at the municipality of Bulawayo.

Norman returned to Johannesburg, South Africa where he started working for a British company, the British Insulated Callenders Cable Company. His performance in the company lead to huge successes in his career.  After  a while Norman was offered a senior position within the British Construction Co. “Unfortunately the Board of Directors in London were not very pleased with the decision, and I also broke the sanction rules in those days and I got fired,” he said with a huge smile. Norman and a friend then bought a plumbing company in Johannesburg, known as Bryanston Plumbing.

Again with a huge smile, Norman said: “I’ve never been a plumber, nor am I one today, but the company is still doing extremely well and is managed by my daughter in Johannesburg. Norman has 2 sons and a daughter, with 7 grandchildren and so far 3 great-grand children. Norman met June (79) in 1994 and the couple fell in love. During 1991 June bought a stand in De Kelders and during 1997 the couple started building their retirement home. “We are extremely happy here and there are no regrets with regards to our move to De Kelders,” Norman said. He’s outstanding interest in Gansbaai, is Gansbaai Golf Club. He joined the club during 1997 and became Captain in 1999 and retained that position till 2001.

In 2002 he was elected as President, a post he served with dignity for 10 years, up until he became ill in 2012. “I was extremely ill for a long period of time and I am fortunate to still be alive,” Norman said. He underwent a long period of extremely serious illness with regards to his heart, liver and kidneys. June read an advertisement by Eugene Wood in Gansbaai Courant and Eugene agreed to help. “There is no doubt in my mind that Eugene’s therapy helped Norman to walk again after a long period in which he was not able to do anything,” June said. Norman is currently doing very well, although he is still very weak. Gansbaai Golf Club’s current Captain, Bev Swart, describes Norman and June as a lovely couple and has enjoyed vacations with them in the past.

“I have never been worried about what other people think of me. I am what I am, I still enjoy my red wine (one glass!!) and yes, I did vote on the 7th of May,” he said.

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Photo : Norman and June Fisher from De Kelders

Profile: Norman Fisher

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