Top Tips for Eating Clean, Feeling Keen and Staying LEAN!

Top Tips for Eating Clean, Feeling Keen and Staying LEAN!

1. Clean out your cupboard and fridge! If it does not grow from the ground, fall from a tree, or can be hunted it's not going to help you on your quest to becoming lean!

2. Eat organic and grass fed! 

3. Soak all fruit and veg in diluted organic apple cider vinegar

4. Rid your house of grains! Grains have been linked to many common ailments and are often t the route at many digestive and food sensitivity problems

5. Stay motivated. Have clear concise goals in your mind. Set yourself two weekly goals, as well as long term

6. Work a realistic training schedule into your week. Don’t suddenly decide you are going to loose weight, or get fit and set unrealistic goals like going from training no times a week, to seven days a week! Make it work for you. Start slowly and build up your activity times as your fitness and stamina improves.

7. Make sure you get plenty of sleep! Not getting enough sleep has been scientifically proven to increase weight gain, and can decrease motivation levels

8. Drink water! Make sure you drink water. Dehydration often mimics the signs of hunger. Keep yourself topped up. Do not wait until you are thirty, this is an indication that your body is already dehydrated.

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Have a wonderful day!