Royal Mail for Youngster

A proud Henning Nowers with his "Royal Mail"

A Young Gansbaai resident received Royal Mail. The letters, which was send to Henning Nowers, were part of a school assignment which was done by the Rowan class (ages 6 and 7) from Watlington, England of Miss Nicola. The class had to write a letter to someone in Africa. Miss Nicola decided on Henning, whom she met two years ago on a visit to South Africa.

Henning received two letters and will collect the rest of the letters later in September, when he and his family will be travelling to visit his aunt in Kingslyn, England. Daisy wanted to know what is interesting in South Africa and Skye asked Henning what Africa animals he liked. Henning and his mom decided to make a DVD for the Rowan class of his family, school and town. They will send it then by airmail to the UK. Henning is very excited to visit England and perhaps he can meet his new friends from Watlington in person. The world is never too small!
Hardus Botha