Pearly Beach Buurtwag Patrollie

Pearly Beach Buurtwag Patrollie

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Ons wil ons bekendstel aan die inwoners van Pearly Beach. Ons doel is om hul veiligheid eerste te stel. Inwoners kan ons met vrymoedigheid 24/7 skakel, ons strewe is om te help om die probleem op te los, wat ook al die probleem is. Dit sal waardeer word as ons meer mense kan betrek om saam met ons te patrolleer. Dit sal ons dorpie veilig hou. Kontak ons patrollie by 072 956 4451 of 072 490 7320 en fondse sal waardeer word.

Neighbourhood Watch is a systematic local vigilance by house holders to discourage crime, especiallyt against property. We are fairly active in Pearly Beach but we will appreciate it very much if more people will join us to help do more patrolling. In doing so we will be able to decrease any possible crime to our properties. If you feel that you can't join us, financial donations will be greatly accepted to help with travelling expenses, as Neighbourhood Watch is a voluntary act of service to house holders and the price of petrol today is not making it any easier for us that are doing patrol duty.

You can contact us on our patrol number : 072 956 4451 or 072 490 7320.                           

Allen Loventhal (ondervoorsitter)

Pearly Beach Buurtwag Patrollie

Allen Loventhal

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