Safety on the N2

Safety on the N2

Gansbaai Courant

Western Cape police are concerned about the recent number of robbe-ries which have been perpetrated on the N2 where the modus operandi of placing obstacles in the road or throwing vehicles with stones to force motorist to stop, have been applied. 

These crimes are viewed in a very serious light, and operational measures have been instituted to address the situation. It is imperative to mention that the entire route is well policed by the Western Cape Flying Squad assisted by patrols from the local police stations and other Law Enforcement Agencies. During these patrols specific consideration is given to certain identified areas on the route so that visible policing is substantially increased. Members of the public experiencing any crime or potential danger must immediately report the situation to 10111 or the nearest police station.

Using the N2 is no different than any other highway and caution must be exercised at all times, especially during the night.

During a breakdown we encourage the public to remain in their vehicles and to report the matter telephonically to authorities if you have access to communication.

It is highly recommended to travel with a mechanically sound vehicle which has sufficient fuel for the journey.

Safety on the N2

Western Cape Police

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