Toerisme word bekruip met 'n yskas

Gansbaai Sakekamer het onlangs besluit om Glenda Kitley, Bestuurder: Gansbaai Toerisme met ‘n ys-/vrieskas te verras. Die Sakekamerbestuur, onder voorsitterskap van Julia Barlow, het alles in geheimhouding beplan en selfs Bayview Furnishers se afleweringstrok moes so ongesiens as moontlik die agterkant van die toerismekantoor “bekruip”.

Hiermee Julia se verduideliking: “At our first Business Chamber meeting, we identified that there was a need for a new refrigerator for the Gansbaai Tourism office as their old one had packed up. We felt that as many organizations / businesses benefit from using the facility, often at no charge or a minimal fee and as the tourism office could not afford to purchase one due to budget cuts, it was appropriate for us to donate a new refrigerator to them. Dirk, our vice chairperson approached Bayview Furnishers who supported our initiative and supplied it to us at a fantastic price. We thank Jan and his team for their contribution. It was a huge surprise for Glenda Kitley but believe me it is not easy keeping a secret from Glenda but thanks to Doulene and the team we presented the new refrigerator to her this morning. Thank you to Dirk and the rest of the team for helping with this.”

Glenda het soos volg reageer: “This morning I got a simply wonderful surprise when the Bay View truck stopped outside and off came a fridge. Next thing the Business Chamber Committee arrived and informed me that they had decided to donate a fridge for the Tourism Bureau Conference centre. This is really appreciated and on behalf of Gansbaai Tourism I would like to say a big thank you. This means that we can once again rent out our facility with confidence.”

Hardus Botha

Voor vlnr (wat die yskas “om-arm”), is Glenda Kitley en Julia Barlow. Agter staan die res van die Sakekamer Komitee, met vlnr Hein van Wyk, Mynhardt Geyer, Dirk Büchner (Jnr) en Johan von Wielligh