Profile: Andrew Komani

Born, grown and trained for politics 

“I was born politics, I grew up politics and I was trained politics,” says Andrew Komani (42), the aspirant DA councilor for Ward 1, which will include Masakhane, Franskraal and Klipfontein 1. “From an early age politics, the youth and my people was my passion.”

Andrew was born in East London on 12 Junie 1974, but grew up and was schooled in King Williams Town.

Twenty years ago, on 4 December 1996 Andrew married Nomakhwezi.   They are very proud of their daughter Siboniseni (22) who is a second year student studying Mechanical Engineering at Walter Sisulu University in East London. Andrew proudly says that he and Nomakhwezi have brought up and educated many children of family members and that they managed to study further. They can with right, be very proud of what they have achieved.

In 1997 Andrew and Nomakhwezi moved to Masakhane where they still live. From 1998 to 2005 he worked as a Roller Operator for Burmar Civils after which he worked for Gansbaai Municipality for a long time as senior in the Sewerage Division.  Since 2005 he was actively involved as a volunteer of Gansbaai Fire Department.

“On my arrival in Masakhane I found that there was no outlet for especially the youth and I immediatedly became involved in the community to see what could be done,” says Andrew. “I formed the Masakhane Community Committee and also served as youth leader.”

Andrew qualified himself as a pastor of the St. John’s Apostolic Faith Mission and in 2000 he gained his practical experience in Masakhane.  Andrew went on to become a bishop in his church. He has the respect and trust of the community.

Still more to come, he formed a gospel group, “Peace Loving Messengers” to keep the youth off the streets and away from drugs.

Early in 2015 he became involved in the Democratic Alliance (DA) and served as a committee member. Andrew is very proud of the fact that in his first week, he recruited 100 members, after which he formed a DA branch. 

Andrew has been elected as DA candidate for Ward 1 in the upcoming elections on 3 August 2016. He is justifiably proud of what he has achieved and says that this is the highpoint of his career so far.

Andrew’s friend of many years, Msa Nomatiti was the Chairman of the ANC Youth League and is now a staunch DA member and acts as Andrew’s right hand.  He personally has recruited many people to the DA.

Andrew’s personality, his involvement in politics, the community and the youth makes him a very special and valued member of Masakhane. 

Andrew Komani