Overstrand Mayor - Care and serve generously

Overstrand Municipality achieved an unqualified (clean) audit for the 2015/2016 financial year – for the fourth year in a row.

This confirms its reputation as being one of the most financially sustainable and best managed municipalities in the Western Cape.

This is the fourth consecutive year in the history of the Municipality that a clean audit has been achieved for good governance and financial management indicating effective management systems and proper internal controls that are in place.

Executive Mayor Rudolph Smith thanked each and every employee of the Municipality for their dedicated contribution towards compliance with legislation and team work to retain the clean audit status.

“The wealth of the Overstrand lies in its people and not only in natural resources and he announced  2017 as the year of the official!

“I want us to focus on the heart of service and see that our municipal values are not just reflected outwardly, but that it is also demonstrated in our internal structures. May 2017 be a year of prosperity and peace; and may we all discover true wealth through giving. Let us care and serve generously.”

“I encourage staff to continue with the quality work performed over the past years and to be committed to maintaining the high standard of corporate governance.” He also congratulated the municipal manager, Coenie Groenewald and his management team for high standards that are maintained continuously.

Burton van Staaden - Chairperson of the Joint Performance Audit Committee (PAC), said it was good to see Overstrand reach this point of achieving a clean audit year after year, but cautioned officials to continue the hard work. He congratulated municipal officials on reports well prepared and thanked them for being responsive to issues raised as his committee has an oversight role to play to ensure accountability through auditing. He said “it is important to focus on maintaining this achievement going forward”.

Gina Schultz, from the Auditor General’s office, applauded the efforts of the municipal leadership on the hard work it took to reach this milestone. She thanked municipal officials for their co-operation and working closely with her team.

Schultz confirmed: There were no findings of any material misstatements in the financial statements prepared by the Municipality in accordance with S122 of the MFMA; There were no material findings of any instances of material non-compliance with specific matters in laws and regulations applicable to the Municipality; There were no material findings on the annual performance report concerning the usefulness and the reliability of the reported performance information for the basic service delivery key performance area by the Municipality.