Deputy Mayor took on the Wednesday Wheelchair Challenge

Overstrand Deputy Mayor, Dudley Coetzee, committed himself to a Wheelchair Wednesday exercise to better understand the real-life challenges faced by people with disabilities.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Councillor Coetzee took up the challenge set to him by Desiree Gelderblom, social worker at Overstrand Association for People with Disabilities (OAPD) to spend four hours in a wheelchair, going about his daily task and completing daily chores.

Deputy Mayor Coetzee urges local businesses and individuals to experience the difficulties that people with disabilities face daily when carrying out simple everyday tasks by spending four hours in a wheelchair. “We want the whole community to be involved in this campaign and to support this year’s Wheelchair Wednesday throughout May”, he added.

Wheelchair Wednesday

Wheelchair Wednesday is an APD campaign in support of people living with disabilities who use wheelchairs and is a creative way in which to focus the attention on the physical challenges facing wheelchair users in their everyday life, particularly in the workplace.

What better way to understand someone else than to spend time in their shoes; or in this case wheelchair?

OAPD aims to promote the development of people living with physical and or intellectual disabilities in the Overstrand in order to enable them to attain a maximum level of independence and integration into the community.

Companies who want to team up with OAPD can contact Desiree Gelderblom at 028 315 1025 or e-mail:


Deputy Mayor Dudley Coetzee has taken up the Wheelchair Wednesday challenge to walk in the shoes (so to speak!) of a wheelchair user. With him are (right) Don Kearney, area manager of the Hermanus Administration and Gerhard Smit, manager of social development.