New network installation and wireless upgrade for Buffejags went live in June.


CCTV & Network Installation

In June 2014 our client requested reliable wireless internet connection and security upgrades to their plant. We met onsite to discuss their requirements and our solutions. We installed new routing hardware, wireless equipment and networked CCTV equipment, with the PTZ IP camera from HIKVISION they now have 360 degree video surveillance as well as live video feeds for critical processes that needs constant monitoring. With the remote monitoring that we setup they are able to login from the comfort of their home to keep an eye on things.

We also “future proof” the installation to handle new expansions that might arise as the plant grow, and the feedback is very positive.

Voice communication is critical to any business and with no Telkom lines and low cell phone reception VoIP can offer this much needed service, providing telecommunication to the plant at a very affordable price.        

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