(J)Awesome Facts about Great White Sharks

(J)Awesome Facts about Great White Sharks


Known as the Great White Capitol of the World, Gansbaai is home to a steady population of about 1000 Great White Sharks at any time of the year. Every year countless travellers and locals take to deep blue waters of the Atlantic to experience the wonder and grace of these magnificent apex predators.

Gansbaai has 9 Shark Diving Operators operating from the Kleinbaai Harbour throughout the year. Winter time provides especially good diving due to excellent visibility and the big females making an appearance. Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai is an experience like no other and strikes awe and respect into the hearts of all. So, before you book your cage diving experience, here are some (j)awesome facts about Great White Sharks we bet you didn’t know:

  1. Great White Sharks grow to an average of 4,6m in length, but there have been recordings of some exceeding 6m
  2. Great Whites can dive up to 1200m deep
  3. They have been recorded reaching speeds of up to 50 km/h
  4. In its lifetime a Great White can lose up to a thousand teeth or more
  5. These apex predators can see both in day time and night time and also see in colour
  6. Like all sharks, Great Whites have a sixth sense called electroreception with which they can sense electrical pulses in water
  7. Great White Sharks have  excellent “camouflage”, they have white undersides and are grey on top which makes them difficult to spot whether from the top or the bottom
  8. Actually being picky eaters, Great White feed mostly on seals, sea lions, small toothed whales and sometimes turtles
  9. There have cases where groups of Great White Sharks have fed on the carcasses of Southern Right Whales (due to the fact that they float when they die)
  10. A recent study done by Marine Dynamics and Dyer Island Conservation Trust actually showed that there were only 1000 Great White Sharks in our waters and not the previously published 2000. The rapid decline in their population have led to Great White Sharks being declared Vulnerable

Sharks are truly incredible creatures of the deep and Great White Sharks are no different. Their grace, agility and sheer presence is the reason we love the toothy member of the Marine Big 5 so much. And in our opinion there is no question why you should Shark Cage Dive in Gansbaai!

Now that you are equipped with these (j)awesome knowledge about Great White Sharks you are ready to dive in!

(J)Awesome Facts about Great White Sharks

Candice Lombard

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