Eco Marine Safari - DEC to APR- Whales have left Walker Bay!

Ivanhoe Sea Safaris is universally regarded as one of the leading boat tour operators in South Africa. Take a 2hr boat trip from the harbour of Gansbaai and discover the site where the famous British iron paddle-wheel frigate HMS Birkenhead, weighing 1400 tons, was tragically lost off Danger Point. En-route you may catch sight of Walker Bay’s BIG 5!

The Birkenhead has secured a place in history due to the gallantry of her men, who, in the face of great danger, allowed the women and children to escape in the boats before trying to save themselves. "The Birkenhead Drill"  -  Women and children first!

What you should bring: -
Warm Clothes (even in warm weather), Cap/Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Camera, Video Camera, Binoculars, etc.

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Our local but not so easy to find Bryde Whales
Local Marine Birdlfie
Bottle nose Dolphin
Seals are a Great Whites main diet
Our African Penguin
Eco Marine Fact Sheet
Walker Bay Big 5
Cape Fur Seals
Gansbaai Lighthouse