Smile - it's Free Therapy

Smile - it's Free Therapy

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Overstrand Build it has been making an effort to better the holistic education of a rural group of children from the Uilkraal Valley. On Friday, February 20th, Build its very own Dylan Burger and Andries Laubscher visited Saint John's Fynbos Academy in Papiesvlei where an event was hosted for the children. The children identified Andries as the winner of the national television show, Noot vir Noot, and were in their element as they were able to interact with their TV-star.

Stationery bags containing a pen, pencil, eraser, ruler and a glue stick were handed to each of the children. Different numbers were placed in the stationery bags and every number was allocated to a certain gift. Numbers were called and the children went up to receive their prize of either a ball, juice, treats or an exam pad. The smiles are always so heart-warming. They alone made the effort worth our while.

The efforts of the teachers involved at Saint John's Fynbos Academy were eye-opening, to say the least. Their commitment and love that they have for the children cannot be praised enough and is priceless to our community.

Smile - it's Free Therapy

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