Daily trip - 08 June

We truly had an amazing day out at sea, with the Marine Big 5 and more. Today was a perfect day to be out at sea, the water was flat like a mirror and no wind was blowing. We were slowly heading along our stunning coastline to look out for some humpback dolphins, and we were lucky to find them.

 First we spotted some African penguins and one of our clients did spot a blow, so we stopped the boat and had a closer look. And yes, she was right, there was a whale so we slowly approached and got to see a Bryde’s whale with her calf traveling towards Quin Point. While busy watching the whales traveling alongside our vessel we spotted some splashes a bit further off. What is it? So we left the mother and calf pair behind and were amazed by what we got to see. It was a Dwarf Minke whale (Balaenoptra acutorostrata subsp.) porpoising at a speed of 20km/h.

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