New Signs for Gansbaai Explore

Excitement stirred in the Gansbaai Explore offices last week, as we anxiously awaited our new billboards. Five signs in total were designed by jour more creative team members and they would all feature our new mascots.

The Marine Big 5 were an obvious choice of our mascots. This is after all their home and we are proud to call them members of our growing community of Gansbaai. The good, the bad, the gentle, the smelly and the smart – you can decide which is which.

The most of Thursday and Friday afternoon saw the boys struggling into the bush and the streets to rig the signs. The first sign with a big message can be seen 7 km before you enter Gansbaai. Next up is the jumping vertical sign at Saloon and the flipper friendly sign opposite OK Foods. 

Heading towards your local Shark Cage Diving spot in Kleinbaai, our toothy friend is also invited at the Academia High School. And last but not least, heading out of Kleinbaai our suited friend bids you to join in the fun.

Gansbaai is a world-renown spot for fun, adventure and growing ever more present on the lips of foreign and local crowds. The elements of the area are slowly filtering into the houses of visitors and the small town of Gansbaai is crawling into their hearts. Followers from all over are joining in the Explore movement and adding news and information to our galleries and blogs. And now, no one will be able to miss us!