Whale of a Time - Gansbaai Weekend Inspiration

Whale of a Time - Gansbaai Weekend Inspiration


It should come as no surprize that this weekend it’s all about the whales! Our favourite winter pass-time is back in full swing and aren’t we glad!

Every year we wait like kids on Christmas Eve for the return of the ocean’s gentle giants - and finally Christmas morning is here! The majestic Southern Right Whales have been spotted, gawked at and given us the perfect reason to go dig out our cameras again. And not only Southern Rights visit these shores, many other whales cruise past our sheltered bays to give a tail wave hello and carry on on their unrushed way.|

Living in Gansbaai we all know of the two giants of the oceans that have awarded our town its name of Big 2 Town, nonetheless spotting one of them still brings back a childhood giddiness in us all. We also know that our beloved town holds the best spots for land-based whale watching in the area. The coastline of De Kelders will henceforth be packed with locals and tourists alike snapping away at the whales frolicking in the shallow waters and we gladly invite everyone to join in. An array of lob-tailing, fin slapping and breaching can be enjoyed at leisure from the largest member of the Marine Big Five.

So this weekend, let’s all show our appreciation for their return like the gathering of the whole family over the holidays. We are blessed with so much beauty in this area, it’s about time we share it with the world and bask in their beauty. Let’s have a whale of a time!

Whale of a Time - Gansbaai Weekend Inspiration

Candice Lombard

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