Enjoy the Little Things - Gansbaai Weekly Inspiratioin

Enjoy the Little Things - Gansbaai Weekly Inspiratioin


After a weekend of enjoying the sights of our gentle giants of the oceans, it’s time to focus on the smaller things. Thus this week we are aiming at enjoying the little things in life.

Taking it literally, we can focus and appreciate the small things in nature. The multitude of bird species in our area is truly something to behold and so we should. As many of our bird species are endemic to our area, due to the unique fynbos biome, we can truly enjoy their beauty like not many others can. Speaking of fynbos, we are also treated to the stunning fields of blooming Ericas at the moment. Endless fields and hills of pink contrasted with the magnificent blue of the ocean. Why would anyone ever leave Gansbaai with such beauty surrounding us?

On the flipside and more importantly, it is always good to get a reminder to take delight in the small moments. And who brings us more delight than our kids and our pets. Being so focused on the bigger picture we miss out on a lot of the small moments that make every day special. The small thank you, the helping hand, the silent giggle. All moments that we should cherish before they are all gone in a heartbeat.

This week, take care to notice and be noticed. Take delight in the small miracles of life and the wonders that nature offer us every single day. Enjoy the little things that are in fact the big moments in life.

Enjoy the Little Things - Gansbaai Weekly Inspiratioin

Candice Lombard

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