Added Protection for Sharks - Gansbaai Daily News

As of Monday July 1st the Shark Fin Ban has gone into effect in California. Many are celebrating the law that has been passed that might put a dent in the trade.

The dish that is considered a delicacy and believed to be an aphrodisiac shall no longer be allowed to be enjoyed in California. Shark Fin Soup is believed to increase appetite and have a number of health benefits but residents will no longer be able to enjoy these ‘benefits’. The law bans the sale, possession, trade and distribution of Shark Fins and we are all rejoicing.

The Soup is normally made from a variety of Shark Fins that is collected during ‘shark finning’. The fins are sold for almost $300 a pound, but anyone caught with Shark meat or fins could face up to 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine. Although the passing of the law have many store and restaurant owners up in arms, we need to consider the future of Sharks and the important role they play in the environment.

California now joins Washington, Maryland, Oregon, Delaware and Hawaii as states that have passed bills to ban the sale of Shark Fins.

In other news, an environmental group is asking to add an additional 81 Marine Species to the Endangered Species Act. The additional species will include Sharks, Corals and other Marine Fauna. The mutual feeling is that the number of listed terrestrial species grossly outnumbers the listed marine species. The group is hoping this will be changed soon.

The reason for this however is based on two specific things. For one, general belief still states that marine species will never truly go extinct due to the vastness of the oceans. Thus implying that the oceans are too vast for humans to reach all its four corners to deplete all populations. Secondly, which makes the first belief hard to contradict, is the fact that we have limited means of tracking all marine species. Due to this fact, unfortunately, it will end in the clichéd phrase that by the time we do realize it, it will be too late.

Everyone is hoping that the additional Marine species will make it onto the ESA and get the necessary protection they need and fully support the ban on the Shark Fin Soup trade!