Just a reminder to everybody, that Gansbaai prides itself as having its own recycling depot. Yet, not everybody is making use of it, as it is only functioning at a 22% capacity. By recycling, we are not only helping to keep the dumping site down, but  perhaps we can also become known not only as the Cleanest Town but also as the town that recycles the most. It is so easy! Use the clear plastic bags provided for free every week by the municipal workers, who arrange the garbage bags for pick-up. Throw in every bit of paper, glass, cardboard, tin cans and plastic containers. (Don’t forget the shampoo bottles, make-up and cream containers, etc.) DON’T add polystyrene, tetra packs (long life milk, fruit juices), wet paper, throw-away nappies and food waste. HELP!

1. Avoid buying anything wrapped in polystyrene or displayed on polystyrene, example apples, and tell the manager at your local grocery shop, why you do not want to support this kind of packaging. A plastic bag for the apples or a paper-box for take-aways will also do.

2. Start a compost heap for all your food waste and garden cuttings. You then never need to  buy compost again.

3. And to all the moms out there. Try going back to cotton nappies, especially when at home. A large percentage of a landfill (dump) consists of only throw-away nappies.

Please spread the word to neighbours, friends, visitors, domestic workers and employees. Do your bit for a cleaner environment and for the future of our children, that they may live in a cleaner world.

Gina Boysen