About Fynbos tours in Gansbaai

Come and lose yourself in a floral paradise of unsurpassed beauty

A fynbos tour through any of a number of exquisite hiking or 4x4 trails in and around Gansbaai will introduce you to thousands of different species of these magnificent wildflowers that are indigenous to our region. In season, between May and October, our fields are alive with the vibrant colours of blossoming Erica, Protea, Bietou, Blombos and myriads of other flowering fynbos species.

Come and lose yourself in a floral paradise of unsurpassed beauty

Gansbaai is centred in the Cape Floral Kingdom – one of the richest floras in the world - where an amazing 9 250 species of flowering plants are found in an area of just under 91 000 km. Some 70% of these are unique to this region. Fynbos is not only world famous for its remarkable diversity, but also the beauty of its wildflowers that attracts myriads of nectar-feeding birds. 

The greater Gansbaai area boast tens of conserved and informal trails along the coast and on reserves and farms in the neighbourhood where visitors can embark on guided or unguided fynbos tours on foot, horseback or by 4x4 vehicle.

All along our shores the breathtaking coastal limestone fynbos flowers seem to be blossoming in uninhabitable stretches of sand and rock. The Klipgat or Duiwelsgat trail between Gansbaai harbour and Walker Bay is a popular, gentle walk yielding spectacular views of the sea and coastal fynbos, interspersed by thickets of Milkwood trees. A coastal trail also wind all along the shoreline from Pearly Beach to Uilenkraalsmond, Franskraal, Kleinbaai and around Danger Point to Walker Bay and Die Plaat. Apart from the fynbos, all the trails offer breathtaking sea and mountain views and a magnitude of bird, animal and marine species. Fynbos contributes more than 80% of the flora, while the region also includes renosterveld, karroid shrubland, thicket and forests.

The populat two-day Green Flag accredited Perlemoen Trail covers a vast area from De Dam along the Quoin Point Lighthouse and Buffelsjag to Pearly Beach, as well as from Kleinbaai via the Danger Point Lighthouse to De Kelders. Farms and reserves in the area, including Grootbos Nature Reserve, also offer riveting guided and unguided fynbos tours where indigenous birds such as the beautiful Orange-breasted Sunbird and the Cape Sugarbird feast on the sweet stuff buried in the beautiful flower petals.

Come explore this floral paradise of extraordinary beauty where nature's secrets lie waiting at every turn!