Training should be fun but also a challenge

Training should be fun but also a challenge


In this day and age when we don’t seem to have much time in our busy lives, training is the last thing most people want to do with their spare time. Exercise is that one thing that once you start doing it and really get into it you just want to carry on doing it. When you start seeing the right results it just keeps you motivated to carry on, getting to this point can sometimes be quite hard… 

The reason for this is some people go to a gym and train but they never push themselves or they go to a studio to train in a group but they don’t get pushed hard enough to see the results they are hoping to achieve… 

Well that’s where Gansbaai Fitness comes in… we assess you when you join and where you are physically and design the program that best suit your needs.  As you start to get fitter, we adapt the programs accordingly. We believe that you should train to your full potential and we will help you get there.  As they say “ROME WAS’T BUILT IN A DAY” so we will start off slowly if that’s where your fitness levels is (at the time) but we will help you set goals and achieve them!! So if you are stuck in a rut or as they say in the fitness world the “plateau” then let us help you break through and reach new levels in your fitness journey… 

So join us and let’s start training to your full potential.

Training should be fun but also a challenge


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