Appleberry Farm

Appleberry Farm

Skills Exchange Cooperative (SEC)

Within the Elgin Valley road lies the Eden of Appleberry farm. As the name suggests Appleberry is an apple, berry and pear farm. 

The tale of how their name was derived is a sweet one:

"Our maternal Grandmother lived on Applethwaite Farm but we kids could not get our tongues around “thwaite” and so our dear Granny became known as Granny Appleberry. It therefore seemed so very appropriate to name our new Apple and Blueberry farming Company after Granny Appleberry." Michael du Toit

Not only is Appleberry a renowned fruit farm but they are well known for their large hearts as well. They have kindly sponsored the Skills Exchange Cooperative and the Baardskeerdersbos Community Development Organization's Christmas party, feeding 180 rural children of whom I am sure have never tasted a blue berry before.  Shannon from Appleberry also continuously runs an operation on the farm whereby they love and house rescue horses and donkeys.

 The berry season is coming to a close shortly, but if you find yourself craving berries not to fret, in the New Year you will be able to buy frozen berries until berry harvest comes next September again.

Thank you Appleberry for your generous donation, the kids are forever grateful.

Appleberry Farm

Sam Gabb

Skills Exchange Cooperative (SEC), is a not-for-profit cooperative. Reg # 2013/000789/24. SEC is based in the Overberg with its main focus being on social and nature based development.

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