The Table at the Blue Goose

The first Table was held in March 2015 and from there every first Wednesday of the month. It is a table set to remind you of the Sunday lunch tables of the Strandveld, were friends and family came together and strangers were always welcome.

"Sunday meals were special. Thant was when there were often guests and all the family would be present. 

There would always be a leg or a chicken roast and often both. This would be served with roast potatoes, yellow rice with raisins, sweet potatoes, green beans and cauliflower. In addition there would be salad. And it was also the day of puddings, with two or three generally served.” -  “The Strandvelder, Marius Diemont”

Relive the days of yesterday at The Table at the Blue Goose. Every first Wednesday of the month. 

Reservations essential. Only 12 seats at The Table