Things are getting better for Norman Eric Fisher

Things are getting better for Norman Eric Fisher


So as I wrote the other day that I’ve been working (training) with Norman Eric Fisher and recently (3 weeks ago) he was admitted back into hospital and when he came out he had a major set back, he was suffering from back ache and he was in a lot of pain from lying down the whole time while he was in hospital (they don’t do much training at the hospital).

Well three weeks later he has made some great progress, yesterday we went for a walk for the first time in about 4 weeks he managed about 300 meters but the problem was that for about ¾ of the time I had to let him use his crutch which isn’t so bad except for the fact that he hasn’t used his crutch for months now… Well today we had a another break through we walked a little bit further then the day before but this time he walked the whole way without the crutch!!!

He was also saying that he is feeling much better and a lot stronger which is fantastic, before long we will be walking to the stop street and back again…

Things are getting better for Norman Eric Fisher


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