Thank You WAG & MSAT!

The Woman’s Action Group (WAG) and (Multi-sectoral Action Team) MSAT in association with MSAT-Health and Welfare, are two of our generous sponsors this year for the Annual Baardskeerdersbos Christmas Party hosted by the Skills exchange Co-operative (SEC) & Baardskeerdersbos Community Development Organization.

WAG has been with us for 2 consequtive years now and they provide the children with a mobile clinic for basic check-ups and also educating parents on cetrain aspects in the well being of their child.

MSAT is an collective of orginizations that works together to combat HIV/AIDS and tuberculoses (TB) in eight districts throughout Capte Town. 

By using stategies of prevention, treatment, care and support, by providing access to justice and through research, monitoring and eveluation, they aim to reduce the number of ne TB and HIV-positive infections.

A big thank you to WAG & MSAT for their constant support and help in making this years Christmas party an unforgettable one. Their strong believe in the well being of our youth inspires us and makes these events possible.

The parents & children are endlessly grateful.

Contact WAG on: 

028 313 2938

Contact Person: Mrs CF. Titus at 072 342 8297

Contact MSAT on:

+21 400 2100