Giving thanks where thanks is due

Giving thanks where thanks is due

Gansbaai Courant

26 February 2016 – “During my tenure, I have often had the opportunity  to engage with a number of worthy care and community development concerns that share and support my passion and commitment toward the wellbeing and growth of the people and environs contained within the Overstrand.   

While the Municipality and supporting government structures lend assistance where possible, these care facilities are sometimes hampered in delivering their services to the needy due to  considerable  constraints  on budget, infrastructure and resources.

It is encouraging, therefore, that the Overstrand is home to so many who readily and willing come to the aid of the deprived or destitute in the area.  The countless acts of goodwill I have witnessed over the years - sometimes from random strangers or organisations – have continuously inspired and filled me with awe.  More importantly, it has done much to cement our growing reputation as a collectively caring society. I firmly believe  that  a region as beautiful and rich in cultural and historic  heritage as the Overstrand, is only as vibrant and viable as its people make it.

Having  said  that,  our  communities have further had the distinct  advantage  of  benefiting  substantially  from  the services and programmes afforded to them by visiting overseas-based care agencies such as the Swallows Charitable Foundation.  Members of this fine concern periodically step forward to serve our people – some even under the guise of a “working holiday”.

It goes without saying then that these remarkable caregivers, through their kind, unselfish and generous acts, forever holds our gratitude.    Their  ongoing  efforts,  along with our local‑constructs, ensure the socio-economic development and improved living conditions of our less fortunate, and for that there  are  no  words  adequate enough to express our appreciation.

However, it should be said that the Overstrand and all affected are, and will always remain, deeply thankful!”

Office of the Executive Mayor N Botha-Guthrie

Giving thanks where thanks is due

Office of the Executive Mayor N Botha-Guthrie

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