Orcas spotted at Joubert's Dam

On a shark cage trip Wednesday morning in the area between Kleinbaai and Die Gruis – known by residents as Joubert se Dam, Supreme Sharks skipper, Frank Rutzen and videographer, Jurie Smal, saw an unuasual tail breaking the water surface.

Being experts at identifying  the tails of, especially seals and whales, the difference was noted immediately.

On closer inspection and to their great surprise, two Orcass appeared. 

Orcas have been spotted before on the ocean side of Dyer Island but this is the first time that somebody  spotted Orcas in the bay.

According to Jurie Smal, the crew was more excited than their clients!

Jurie described the morning of 8 February as amazing, exciting…..  and awesome!

Photographer:  André Roux

Tourists were lucky to see two orcas last week between Kleinbaai harbor and Die Gruis.
Frank  Rutzen  and Jurie Smal were more excited than the group of tourists when they saw the orcas at Joubert se Dam.