Earth Hour - Commit to Planet Earth

To make people aware about environmental issues and as a symol for commitment to the planet, Earth Hour started as a call to turn all (non essential) lights off for an hour, one evening in March, each year.

It has since grown into a global environmental movement ‘beyond the hour’ that has achieved climate action and legislative changes across a broad range of environmental issues.  It inspires people to use their power to change climate change.

More than 7 000 cities and towns worldwide are involved each year.

Note  that  it is not about saving electricity for that ONE hour.  It is a symbolic event to raise consciousness on a broader range of issues.  However, the one hour event remains the key driver of the movement.

More information is available on the WWF website.

Pearly Beach

The Pearly Beach Bewarea team, working on Earth Hour, request all residents that lights are switched off for Earth Hour on Saturday, 25 March from 20:30 to 21:30.