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Here at Health and Active Gansbaai, we believe in good old functional training.  It is so important to train your body in all planes of movement.  Most people train themselves on machines when they go to the gym and repeat the same old back and forth motion otherwise known as the Sagittal plane.

What is wrong with training in a back and forth motion? 

Well, we are not designed to just move in a Sagittal Plane.  We are designed to twist, turn, lunge, sprint, abduct…etc.  When exercises are performed soley in the sagittal plane you are far more likely to increase your chance of an injury.  The most common back problems occur when twisting or turning quickly.

There are basically three planes of movement essential for good functional and postural strength and balance.

The Three Planes are:

The Sagittal Plane:
Includes exercises that involve flexion and extension and forward and backward movement. Biceps curls and squats are examples of strength training exercises on the sagittal plane. Walking, running, using the cross trainer etc. are all-moving in the sagittal plane. 

The Transverse Plane:  
When you perform movements of rotation, you are working on the transverse plane of motion. Exercises that involve twisting happen on this plane. An example would be oblique twists, woodchoppers, and boxing jabs.

The Frontal Plane:
Despite the plane's name, the exercises you perform on the frontal plane consist of side-to-side NOT in a front-and-back motion. Movements of abduction and adduction occur on the frontal plane. Exercises in the frontal plane consist of: Side leg lifts, lateral raise’s, Jumping jacks, lateral lunges etc. 

To keep your body in top-tip functional condition speak to a member of The Health and Active Team today!

Have a fabulous Friday!

The Health and Active Team


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Welcome to H&A Gansbaai gym! We are a team of super enthusiastic fitness and nutritional experts here to get you into the best shape of your life!

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