Gansbaai Movement - Gansbaai Weekend Inspiration

This weekend’s inspiration is combined with a thank you. A great big thank you for all the contribution and support of our community.

Gansbaai is an amazing town with so much to offer, in the form of activities and community. Our goal is to get the world to recognize Gansbaai as the hidden gem that it is with its abundance of wildlife, sights and untouched landscapes. And with the help of our community, whether local or online, we are slowly but surely reaching our goal.

Gansbaai and Explore is for everyone to enjoy and we delight in seeing the contribution and involvement of our members. Whether you are submitting content and building up the website or interacting with our online social platforms.

We acknowledge and feel proud to be a part of such an amazing movement and so should everyone involved. Proud to be involved in spreading the word to the world and proud to be able to enjoy the riches that Gansbaai holds.

Here’s to Gansbaai and here’s to you!!