15 Things More Dangerous Than Sharks - Gansbaai Daily Blog

Living in the White Shark Capital of the World, we have become quite fond of our Apex Predator friends with their toothy grins. And although many fear them, we only see their grace and majestic ways. Great White Sharks are not to be taken lightly, however. They are still wild animals and must be respected at all times. But definitely not feared as blood-thirsty killers. And to prove just that, here are 15 every day things that are more likely to kill you than Sharks:

1. Toasters and Chairs
Roughly 600 – 700 people are killed by toasters and chairs related accidents every year. 

2. Lightning
10 000 people come to an electrifying end due to lightning. 

3. Obesity
A rising problem in our fast-lane, fast food lives, obesity results in almost 30 000 deaths per year. 

4. Ants
These miniscule creepy-crawlies take their toll on 20 – 50 people annually in Africa. 

5. Icicles
In Russia, nearly 100 unlucky people are killed by falling icicles each year. 

6. Bathtubs
Don’t ask how, but 340 people come to a squeaky clean end due to bathtubs every year.  

7. Falling out of Bed
Whether it is due to being jolted awake by a scary dream or a buzzing alarm clock, 450 people come to their untimely death by falling out of bed every year. 

8. Jellyfish
These beautiful and highly misunderstood marine creatures cause the spine-tingling death of 40 unknowing swimmers every year, in the Philippines alone. 

9. Deer
Apparently not as adorable as Bambi, deer kill around 130 people that venture into the woods. 

10. Airplanes
Although air travel has made our lives a lot easier and given us the ability to travel all around the world in less than a fortnight, airplanes claim the lives of roughly 1200 passengers per year. 

11. Hippos
First appearances aren’t always to be trusted, these sluggish-looking river monsters claim 2900 people’s lives in Africa every year. 

12. Cows
These loving, slow-chewing farm animals cause the end of 22 victims every year in the US alone. 

13. Elevators
If you’re claustrophobic you won’t have to worry about being one of the 23 elevator riders that lose their lives each year.

14. Stairs
Although, taking the stairs might make you one of 1600 people that only make it halfway up the stairs. 

15. Texting
And last but not least, the biggest killer of our technological age is texting! Texting while driving costs 6000 drivers their lives each year.

So there you have it! 15 Every day things you should much rather fear than Sharks. In fact, studies have shown that you are a thousand times more likely to drown than being fatally attacked by a Shark! Who wants to go swimming in Gansbaai?

1. Toasters
7. Falling out of Bed
12. Cows
14. Stairs