Franskraal Beach

Franskraal Beach

Where is Franskraal Beach?

Average Ocean Temperatures at Franskraal Beach:

  • Spring - 17°C/63°F
  • Summer - 15°C/59°F
  • Autumn - 16°C/61°F
  • Winter - 19°C/66°F

Franskraal Beach is Best For:

  • Swimming
  • Beach Sports
  • Fishing
  • Whale Watching (June to December)

Franskraal Beach Amenities Include:

  • Lifeguard (December)
  • Takeaway Kiosk
  • Uilenkraalsmond Resort Amenities
  • Parking 
  • Ablution Block

Franskraalstrand Main Beach Overview:

Franskraal Beach stretches from the Franskraalstrand parking lot in Seaview Drive towards the Uilenkraalsmond holiday resort and estuary. 

There are many rocky outcrops on the Franskraal side of the beach and these have been a popular fishing spot for generations of anglers.

View of Franskraal Beach
Image: View of Franskraal Beach 

Closer to the Uilenkraalsmond side of Franskraal Beach, lovers of the great outdoors will enjoy the spacious stretch of sandy beach that is perfect for beach sports and other family-friendly activities. A cluster of rockpools is perfect for the little ones to explore under supervision as well as a swimming area that is monitored by lifeguards in peak season.