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Solartech Overberg
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Renewable Energy Specialist

Overberg franchise providing highest quality Solar hot water and photovoltaic (solar electrical power) solutions for residential, commercial and industrial properties. German manufactured SOLAR GEYSERS and panels with 7 year warranties, up to 40 % energy savings and SABS approval. Heat pumps for alternate hot water production. SOLAR ELECTRIC power systems to provide free, renewable electricity with various configurations including grid-tied, off grid and multi-hybrid systems. Going GREEN is your responsibility, getting you there is OURS!

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Solar Water Heating Systems

Our Solsquare Solar Water Heating systems carry the SABS Mark of approval to indicate its compliance to product specifications SANS 1307 and SANS 151, which includes mechanical and thermal testing. Solsquare Solar Water Heaters are manufactured in Germany, carry a 10 Year warranty (Subject to Solsure) and are available in various capacities for installation.

Solar Power Systems

We provide a full range of solar power systems, including solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, solar batteries and top-of-the-range monitoring systems

Solartech engages in on-site strategic conversation with both the residential and commercial sector to provide simple solutions for those home/business owners wishing to move away from grid dependency and enjoy the benefits of energy efficient living. Our business recipe ensures our clients enjoy energy savings year round, and thus we stay within a specific formula, which has enabled Solartech to become Africa’s most relevant Solar Water Heating and Photovoltaic consultancy.

Our Services include:

  • On-site Consultation and Needs Analysis.
  • Engineered Solution and Cost Proposal.
  • Installation and Commissioning.
  • Solsure annual maintenance.

Solsure Annual Maintenance

Our customers have the option to take out Solsure, a service agreement with the Solartech Partner Network which entitles them to have the system maintained annually, to ensure system performance beyond warranty period. Each year, our team will;

  • Refit and replace Insulation
  • Pressure Testing
  • Replace anti-freeze
  • Flush panels
  • Clean the glass of the collectors
  • Confirm timer settings
  • Visual inspection of electric components
  • Execute a general maintenance inspection
  • Check anodes and valves

Solsure entitles the client to hassle free solar system efficiency for the estimated lifetime of the unit (est. 20 years), and although our systems have been designed to require negligible maintenance, a mandatory annual check-up, whereby system coefficients like temperature, pressure, and flow are regulated, is highly recommended to ensure consistent performance.

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