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Overberg franchise providing highest quality Solar hot water and photovoltaic (solar electrical power) solutions for residential, commercial and industrial properties. German manufactured SOLAR GEYSERS and panels with 7 year warranties, up to 40 % energy savings and SABS approval. Heat pumps for alternate hot water production. SOLAR ELECTRIC power systems to provide free, renewable electricity with various configurations including grid-tied, off grid and multi-hybrid systems. Going GREEN is your responsibility, getting you there is OURS!

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What we offer

What we offer

Solar Water Heating Systems

Our Solsquare Solar Water Heating systems carry the SABS Mark of approval to indicate its compliance to product specifications SANS 1307 and SANS 151, which includes mechanical and thermal testing. Solsquare Solar Water Heaters are manufactured in Germany, carry a 10 Year warranty (Subject to Solsure) and are available in various capacities for installation.

Solar Power Systems

We provide a full range of solar power systems, including solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, solar batteries and top-of-the-range monitoring systems

Solartech engages in on-site strategic conversation with both the residential and commercial sector to provide simple solutions for those home/business owners wishing to move away from grid dependency and enjoy the benefits of energy efficient living. Our business recipe ensures our clients enjoy energy savings year round, and thus we stay within a specific formula, which has enabled Solartech to become Africa’s most relevant Solar Water Heating and Photovoltaic consultancy.

Our Services include:

  • On-site Consultation and Needs Analysis.
  • Engineered Solution and Cost Proposal.
  • Installation and Commissioning.
  • Solsure annual maintenance.
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Solsure Annual Maintenance

Our customers have the option to take out Solsure, a service agreement with the Solartech Partner Network which entitles them to have the system maintained annually, to ensure system performance beyond warranty period. Each year, our team will:

  • Refit and replace Insulation
  • Pressure Testing
  • Replace anti-freeze
  • Flush panels
  • Clean the glass of the collectors
  • Confirm timer settings
  • Visual inspection of electric components
  • Execute a general maintenance inspection
  • Check anodes and valves

Solsure entitles the client to hassle free solar system efficiency for the estimated lifetime of the unit (est. 20 years), and although our systems have been designed to require negligible maintenance, a mandatory annual check-up, whereby system coefficients like temperature, pressure, and flow are regulated, is highly recommended to ensure consistent performance.

Why Solar Power

Why Solar Power

Because it works - the sun does not send you an electricity bill!

Homeowners in Southern Africa face power shortages and fast-rising energy costs. At the same time, Southern Africa is ideally placed to harness some of the highest levels of direct normal irradiance in the world! This is an ideal environment for home solar power solutions because every Rand you spend on solar solutions is more productive than in most other parts of the world. By installing a Sol square Solar System you can reduce your energy costs drastically and therefore save money.

By doing so we put you in the driver seat of the electricity cost truck!

How do we generate reliable, affordable and carbon neutral, i.e. green electricity? This is one of the fundamental questions Africans will have to solve in our century.

As African home solar power pioneers, Solartech’s response has always been to focus on the sun. The African sun endows us with more energy than we could ever imagine using - energy that is clean and free, and cannot be exhausted at all!

We are excited that Africa is starting to embrace this and currently commences the migration from fossil fuels towards harmless and carbon neutral renewable energy.

Solartech - South Africa’s home solar power experts​

We are committed to ensuring that solar power becomes the basis of our children’s power supply. To achieve this, we offer solar solutions for our discerning customers that take into account the varying energy needs found in Africa from pure cost-reduction to energy independence and home solar systems.​

In Africa, solar power is already profitable and at the same time, makes a dedicated contribution towards the mitigation of climate change. You can produce your own electricity and no longer be stressed by Eskom’s electricity price hikes.​

Going green is your responsibility! Getting you there is ours!

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Solar System Choices

Solar System Choices

Solar Power & Backup

Total energy independence is within your reach with a Solartech solar power system, engineered to meet your energy needs during the day, and even during the night with our backup solutions. 

No more price hikes, no more power failures, no more power surges...Solar power is the future for your home.

Solar Geysers

In Southern Africa, the most widely used solar hot water system is the Indirect Thermosyphon System. This system uses the heat exchanging fluid to heat up the water, rather than heating the water itself. Solartech has a variety of tried-and-tested solar water heating systems for your unique home requirements.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pump water heaters are twice as efficient as electric water heaters. They simply move heat rather than make heat, just like a refrigerator, but in reverse. By pulling heat from the surrounding air and transferring it at a higher temperature into the tank to heat your water, it is super energy efficient for both home geysers and swimming pool heating.

Solar Pumps

Solar pumps are a reliable and sustainable way to ensure water supply without relying on grid power. The advantage of solar pumps is that it is not dependent on a backup battery system to operate but instead achieves autonomy by means of water storage during daylight hours.

4 Steps to your Solar System

4 Steps to your Solar System

Step 1

My Energy Profile

Our solar expert will monitor the amount of energy you use over a period of time, to establish the “energy profile” for your household. This enables us to take a closer look at your energy use patterns and suggest where efficiencies can be implemented, before designing a Solar Solution that suits your household’s needs. Sophisticated simulation software quantifies the exact performance of your system and the savings offered using weather data specific to your location so that you can make an informed choice when selecting your solar solution and solar provider. 

Step 2

Does it pay off?

With a Solartech Solar System, you are producing energy in the most eco-friendly way possible. Depending on the system choice your payback will be between 3 - 6 years. Solartech helps you understand the payback period of the recommended systems before you make a commitment - so that you can make an informed investment in solar energy. 

Step 3

Where do I get my Solartech System?

Solartech consist of a network of solar experts, and are certified partners of Solsquare (Pty) Ltd. in Southern Africa - and will be your go-to to purchase your Solsquare solar system. All Solartech experts are trained professionals with many years of experience in solar, and work according to the highest level of Solsquare prescribed installation standards. With our widespread Solartech network we can ensure that there is a Solartech in your area. 

Step 4

How does my system get on the roof?

Allowing someone to work on your roof is a matter of trust. Solartech understands this. We ensure the integrity of our client's roof before we quote on a system.

During a site meeting with one of our solar expert will:

We test your roof's integrity. Develop a customized solution. Make you an offer. And install the solar system on your roof.

Schedule a consultation today!



Solar Water Heating Question

Can I install a solar water heating system if I live in an area that is very cold?
  • For colder areas where it is common for temperatures to go below 0°C, we would recommend an indirect solar water heating system where a special anti-freeze liquid is circulated through the solar collector to transfer heat, instead of water, which may freeze and lead to system damage.
Does a Solar Water Heating system require maintenance?
  • Solartech recommends that your Solar Water Heating system be serviced annually, such a service should include components check, pressure test and flush. Servicing your system will ensure that it maintains its efficiency and provides benefits throughout its lifetime. Solartech offers a tailored maintenance plan to solar water heater clients.
Can the Solar Water Heater go inside roof, or must it go on top of my roof?
  • Solartech understands that you may have specific needs around aesthetics of your property. Therefore we offer a variety of installation options where the solar geyser can be installed in the roof for roofs with sufficient pitch and pumped for roofs with a lower pitch.
How much does a Solar Power system cost?
  • A 200 Litre indirect solar water heating system will cost approximately R 22 000.00 which includes the cost of all components, consumables, and labor associated with installation. This price does not consider the savings you will make over the lifetime of the system, making the investment in a solar water heating system a wise decision indeed.
Do I still get hot water on cloudy days?
  • Solar Water Heating systems typically have an electrical backup element, which will switch on during cloudy days or in the evenings to ensure that you have hot water. Solsquare systems also come standard with Timer Switches which allow the solar water heating system to maximize the solar contribution during sunshine hours whilst still ensuring hot water when you need it.
How many years is my system expected to last?
  • A system that has an annual service and is properly installed should last for between 15-20 years

Solar Electrical Power Questions

Can I power my entire home or business from a Solar Power system?
  • With Solar nothing is impossible. Once efficiencies have been put into place, the only limitation for energy generation with solar power systems is space - this includes roof and/or ground space. To be totally independent of your electricity provider, you will need to invest in a battery backup system that can power all your essential appliances at night or during load shedding times. All of Solartech's systems can be upgraded over time to be totally independent of the grid if you wish.
How much does a Solar Power system cost?
  • A 3kW Solsquare Solar Power system will cost approximately R 55,000 which includes the cost of all components, consumables, and labor associated with installation. This price does not consider the savings you will make over the lifetime of the system, making the investment in a solar power system a wise decision indeed.
Does a Solar Power system require maintenance?
  • Solar photovoltaic panels require little to no maintenance. It is, however, important to place panels where they will remain clear of shade and debris, so you may need to trim trees and bushes and wipe them off at times to ensure that the system maintains its efficiency throughout its lifetime.
Can I feed electricity back into “the Grid”?
  • This depends on which major Municipality you fall under, who provides your electricity, and what type of meter you have. Solartech is well-informed of all the different Tariff structures in place across Southern Africa and considers and advises you accordingly so that you can benefit from such “Feed-in” initiatives wherever possible.
What sort of payback period is there on Solar Power?
  • There are many factors which influence the payback period of your Solar Power system such as tariff structures, hardware was chosen, climatic area, usage etc. A residential Grid-tied system without batteries, for example, will typically have a payback of between 3 to 7 years.  Solartech provides a payback period calculation to you at the firm quotation stage so that you may see the savings benefits of solar and make an informed decision.
How long does a Solar Power system last for?
  • A Solar PV system that is engineered, installed, and maintained well will operate for 20 years and more. The basic PV Panel module, for example, has no moving parts and can last more than 30 years.



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