Eks Stanford inwoner se Best Seller

Eks Stanford inwoner se Best Seller

Gansbaai Courant

 ‘n Voormalige inwoner van Stanford, Camilla Carboni, se gesondheidsboek, Paleo Cleanse, is onlangs op die “Best Seller List” van amazon.com gelys. Camilla se trotse moeder, Joan woon in De Kelders, met Camilla wat tans in Denver, Colorado, VSA woon, werk en skryf. Sy, asook haar mede-skrywer van die boek, Melissa Van Dover, het altwee ernstige simptome van inflammasie en allergieë ondervind en in 2013 besluit om die 30-dae Paleo dieet aan te pak en sodoende is “The Paleo Pact” gebore. Camilla is in Durban gebore en beskik oor ‘n Meestersgraad (“Media Reception Psychology”) en ‘n BA-graad (Drama), asook addisionele sertifikate wat sy verwerf het en dan spog sy ook met etlike toekennings wat sy ontvang het.

Joan het die volgende oor haar dogter gesê: “After hours, Camila is a student of nutrition, hosts regular Paleo Cooking Demonstrations at Health Stores around Colorado, and helps others along the path towards their own dreams through her Company, Create-The-Dream Academy.” Paleo Cleanse is a step-by-step guide for beginning and sustaining a Paleo lifestyle. It walks readers through each step of their Paleo journey, from pre-Cleanse preparation to post-Cleanse lifestyle choices. It explains why food groups like grains, legumes and dairy are excluded from the diet, what you can expect when eliminating those foods and why your body reacts that way.

Book description: To transforms the proven approach of the mega-popular paleo diet into a hardcore, month-long detox: By eliminating virtually all foods, most detox programs leave participants hungry and malnourished. The Paleo Cleanse takes a smarter approach. By allowing, but limiting, readers' meals to only those natural foods that the human body is designed to properly digest, the program in this book guarantees that readers can quickly and effectively drop pounds, gain energy and feel great without starving themselves. The benefits of the mega-popular Paleo approach to eating are widely known, but putting its principles into practice are not so simple. Luckily, The Paleo Cleanse makes it easy by guiding readers step by step into Paleo eating with everything from specific food replacements and helpful tips to customized meal plans and 100 delicious recipes.

Easy to follow and stay with, this unique cleanse has readers eating full meals while simultaneously flushing more and more unhealthy items from their system. Addressing unhealthy eating as well as all major food allergens, it also ensures that anyone can achieve renewed health after only one month of Paleo eating.

Her goal with Paleo Cleanse? “To help millions of people easily begin their Paleo journey, and we hope that in the process they experience life-changing improvements to their health, as we did.”

For detail information, the following website can be visited: http://www.amazon.com/Paleo-Cleanse-Ancestral-Supercharge-Transition/dp/1612433928.

Hardus Botha

Eks Stanford inwoner se Best Seller

Hardus Botha

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