Toerisme se groot planne

Gansbaai Toerisme Komitee het sommer groot planne vir 2015 in die vooruitsig gestel. ‘n Voorlopige en opwindende jaarprogram is reeds bespreek, met besonderhede wat later bekendgemaak sal word. Een van die belangrike “nuwighede” is die vooruitsig van ‘n nuwe embleem (logo) vir Gansbaai Toerisme, wat ‘n eie-identiteit daar sal stel.

Die volgende inligting is deur die Bemarkingsspan beskikbaar gestel: “It is almost time to say goodbye to a logo that has served us well for almost twenty years. Much has changed though and we need a logo and slogan that captures the essence of Gansbaai. At the end of last year we launched a competition looking for entries. We received a handful and we thank those who entered. We did get some professional advice too and the final logos are a combination of entries and design. We need a modern logo with longevity that can take us into the future with a strong brand image.

Please consider that the logo should be professional, legible and should print on different mediums and as black and white as well. So we would love your comments on the final five. We know what we like but it is important to us that our members and supporters like it too. And of course there is still room for tweaking to make it perfect. Members and the community are requested to pop into the bureau where they are on display and leave your comments in the box provided. We will also post the designs to Facebook and Xplorio website. Comments accepted up until the 31st January.

Thereafter we will reveal the final logo at our Valentines’ Member Evening on the 13th February.”

Gansbaai Toerisme se kundige, behulpsame en vriendelike span kan by 028-384-1439 gekontak word, of stuur ‘n e-pos aan hulle by, of besoek hulle webtuiste by

Hardus Botha

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