Female Empowerment

 “The 2nd Football Foundation “Female Empowerment Programme” is a 7-week course designed for fourteen girls, aged 12-14 years, from the Gansbaai Primary School. The aim of the programme is to increase the students’ awareness of the value of female empowerment and the importance of gender equality in preparing themselves for their roles in life ahead in their community, in their school and in their home.

This will be achieved through a series of 8 sessions and workshops inclu-ding an introductory session over a weekend at the Uilenkraalsmond campground. During the sessions the students will learn about and discuss the value of education and personal goal setting, issues around social & sexual abuse and its prevention, HIV/AIDS, birth control, the importance of healthy food and nutrition, as well as the value of integrating regular physical exercise into every day life.

The programme will conclude by presenting the students with their certificates at a graduation ceremony. The facilitator team is headed up by intern Mary Alexander-Scholz and further comprises Foundation Sports coach & project facilitator, Anchelle Damon, as well as some support from intern Michelle Dzurenda” - Sports Coach & Manager: Football Foundation.

The following sessions have been completed: Introduction - Getting to know you; Understanding Female Empowerment & Gender Equality; Personal Goals & Education; Break the silence on Violence; Sex Education & HIV/AIDS awareness; Health & Nutrition.

Nou volg daar nog twee sessies vir die dogters: ‘n Kookdemonstrasie op 11 Maart en Sosiale Media en Lyftaal op 18 Maart, met die oorhandiging van welverdiende sertifikate aan die span dogters op 25 Maart 2015.

Hardus Botha

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