Membership and Investors in the Environment

Membership and Investors in the Environment

Gansbaai Courant

Dear Members and Friends of Whale Coast Conservation,

As we reach the end of our 2014/15 financial year, we would like to thank you for your loyal and generous support, without which our mission and objectives would remain unfulfilled.

We have good news and bad news.               


The good news is that the WCC membership fee has be reduced to zero until further notice. Furthermore, automatic membership with full benefits will be accorded to all our friends, supporters and subscribers from the 2015 financial year.  The rationale is that we would like to include as many people as possible as members, also from our less affluent communities. Caring for the environment is everyone’s duty and privilege.

We need your continuing support

Needless to say, we need your continuing moral and financial support.  The exciting programme of activities we have planned for the coming year inevitably costs more.  We cannot rely on a major single funder like the National Lotteries Board. We need to attract and secure sustainable funding from a wider array of sources.

New funding model

We are really excited to invite you to become an Investor in the Environment.  All investments are tax deductible, even the modest R200 you would previously have paid for membership. Investing in the environment is the right and simple thing to do. WCC will do the hard work for you.

Green Gem Investors

All investments in the environment, large or small, will be gratefully received. Green Gem investments will be invited annually and can be made in any of the following categories:

« Green Garnet Investor:  Below R10,000 per financial year

« Green Emerald Investor: R10,000 or more but less than R50,000 per financial year

« Green Diamond Investor:  R50,000 or more per financial year

Green Gem investors in the environment will be publicly acknowledged in various ways agreed with funders in advance. Investors can nominate a WCC activity or project to support. Descriptions of activities and projects needing funding will follow soon.

You can also invest in the environment by nominating WCC as a beneficiary on your MyPlanet card.

Membership benefits

All members, existing and new, will receive full WCC benefits, including our monthly newsletter, invitations to our talks, events and AGM. The Green House  resource centre will help you to decide on sustainable living options, such as energy saving and dealing with load shedding. Very importantly, your interests will be served through our advocacy and eco-watch functions and our active participation in various important forums.


Well, there is no bad news really – only challenges.

With your help we can meet them.

Anina Lee


TEL +27 28 316 2527
FAX 086 695 0046
CELL +27 72 185 5726

PO BOX 1949

BO 130 004 541    
NPO 020-717

Membership and Investors in the Environment

Anina Lee

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