The Lean Green Fighting Machine

The Lean Green Fighting Machine

Health and Active Gansbaai Gym

Why Vegetables are super IMPORTANT to your diet…You are probably sick of hearing from your PT about the importance of good protein in your diet!  Now is the turn of our green coloured friends, namely veg! 

The problem we have found by focusing on the importance of good protein is clients tend to make protein their leading food to be consumed, and reduce or drop the relevant role of greens!  So, to keep you on track please read on…

The Problem with eating too much Protein...

We could bore you with huge amounts of info here, but to keep it simple the reason why just eating protein alone is thought not to be good for you is as follows:

  1. Could potentially cause Kidney problems / possible Kidney stones
  2. Thought to be linked with Osteoporosis
  3. Possibly raised Cholesterol
  4. Possible increased chance of Heart Disease…etc.

However there are also many studies that dispute the above…the debate will continue, but it is important to set guidelines just in case!

The Key here is to make sure you stay within your guidelines for protein with each meal.  If you cannot remember the gram calculation to body mass, no problem, look at the size and depth of your palm.  This is your personal traveling meet measuring guide! 

The second golden rule is to make sure you are eating enough GREENS!!

Why do I have to eat greens?

Greens or vegetables have been linked with helping to maintain the following balance in your body:

  1. Help to reduce food intolerances, and inflammation
  2. Help to boost your immune system
  3. Encourages the production of interleukin-22(IL-22), a hormone that can protect your body from pathogenic bacteria
  4. Help to maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria
  5. Help to heal small wounds and abrasions in the gut lining
  6. Believed to resolve cancerous lesions

And as if that was not enough…MORE reasons to EAT YOUR GREENS

  1. Vegetables contain a vast array of antioxidants and disease fighting compounds that are hard to get from any other substance.
  2. Vegetables eliminate carcinogens, and maintain DNA

Studies show that people who consume a good quantity of veg have:

  1. A lower risk of strokes, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease
  2. Lower risks of types of cancer, digestive complaints and eye disease
  3. Reduced risk of bone loss and kidney stones
  4. Good cognitive responses
  5. Higher antioxidant levels
  6. Lower levels of oxidative stress

What is the best way to consume vegetables?

  • Firstly buy fresh, and buy local
  • Eat RAW or STEAM
  • Don’t over cook!
  • Eat Seasonal Vegetables

What are the least calorific Veggies to eat?

·You can eat 1/2 cup of sliced cucumber or a cup of raw green, leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, spinach, chard or bok choy, for under 10 calories. A cup of cooked Napa cabbage; a cup of raw sliced mushrooms, radishes or celery; or 1/2 a cup of, okra or cauliflower all contains less than 20 calories.

Has your increased protein intake made your bowel lazy?

Kick it into touch by consuming the following high fibre vegetable:

Artichokes, peas, sweet potatoes, edamame, taro, cooked chard, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cooked turnip greens. 

These all provide at least 5 grams of fibre per serving.

So, there you have it start piling the veg next to your protein!  Your plate should swamp your protein in size.

Here's to a leaner, cleaner new you :)

The Health and Active Team

The Lean Green Fighting Machine

Health and Active Gansbaai Gym

Welcome to H&A Gansbaai gym! We are a team of super enthusiastic fitness and nutritional experts here to get you into the best shape of your life!

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