Wheat Free & Dairy Free Super Simple Recipes to Keep You Slim

Super Yummy Crispy Paleo Cod

Let's get started!

A SUPER SIMPLE tasty recipe suited for breakfast / lunch / dinner or as a snack!!!

I love this recipe. I like cooking up a big batch and keeping in the fridge as snacks for the next day!

Lightly Paleo Dusted Crispy Cod!

4-6 pieces of fresh line caught cod
6 tablespoons of organic coconut flour
A pinch of Himalayan rock salt and pepper
Herb or spice of your choice (1tsp)
1 tablespoon of coconut oil


- Wet cod
- Roll in coconut flour and spices
- Add oil to deep non stick pan
- Put on a medium heat
- Add Fish 
- Turn 
- Cook to desired crispiness!

Enjoy! Great with salad for a meal, with nut butter or avocado for breakfast, or simply as a snack in small pieces.