Simple Steps to Start Saving

Simple Steps to Start Saving

Solartech Overberg

Step 1

My Energy Profile

Our solar expert will monitor the amount of energy you use over a period of time, to establish the “energy profile” for your household. This enables us to take a closer look at your energy use patterns and suggest where efficiencies can be implemented, before designing a Solar Solution that suits your household’s needs. Sophisticated simulation software quantifies the exact performance of your system and the savings offered using weather data specific to your location so that you can make an informed choice when selecting your solar solution and solar provider. 

Step 2

Does it pay off?

With a Solartech Solar System, you are producing energy in the most eco-friendly way possible. Depending on the system choice your payback will be between 3 - 6 years. Solartech helps you understand the payback period of the recommended systems before you make a commitment - so that you can make an informed investment in solar energy. 

Step 3

Where do I get my Solartech System?

Solartech consists of a network of solar experts, and are certified partners of Solsquare (Pty) Ltd. in Southern Africa - and will be your go-to to purchase your Solsquare solar system. All Solartech experts are trained professionals with many years of experience in solar and work according to the highest level of Solsquare prescribed installation standards. With our widespread Solartech network we can ensure that there is a Solartech in your area. 

Step 4

How does my system get on the roof?

Allowing someone to work on your roof is a matter of trust. Solartech understands this. We ensure the integrity of our client's roof before we quote on a system.

During a site meeting with one of our solar expert will:

  • We test your roof's integrity.
  • Develop a customized solution.
  • Make you an offer.
  • And install the solar system on your roof.

Schedule a consultation today!

Simple Steps to Start Saving

Solartech Overberg

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